Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Example: * Sense of Direction - A simple usage of the extension to print bold compass directions.
    The flexibility of Hyperlink Interface means it can be used for multiple purposes. Here we strip away and focus some of its functionality to simply print compass directions in bold.
        "Sense of Direction"
        Include Hyperlink Interface by Leonardo Boselli.
        Object hyperlink highlighting is false. The style of direction-word is hyperlink-bold-style.
        Labyrinth is south of Passage and west of Halls. Halls is south of Dungeon and west of Pit. Pit is south of Harrows. Harrows is east of Dungeon and south of Caverns. Dungeon is east of Passage and south of Abyss. Passage is south of Abattoir. Abbattoir is west of Abyss and north of Passage. Abyss is west of Caverns.
        After looking: try listing exits.