Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Section: Disambiguation
    Inform's normal disambiguation assumes that every command begins with a verb, which means conflicts between hyperlinks, and between hyperlinks and verbs, are hard or impossible to control. The best solution is to make sure your object, direction, and topic hyperlinks have no overlap.
    *If an object and direction hyperlink* are in the same scope, the parser silently assumes the player means the direction hyperlink, and will print a seemingly useless "(the object)" clarification if the player manually examines that object instead.
    *If a highlighted hyperlink matches a verb*, the verb will take precedence. For example, typing "set" to reference a chess set would instead produce the message "What do you want to set?" The best way to avoid this is to change the hyperlink and description of the object to avoid mentioning the verb word-- in this case "chessboard" might be a good substitute. You could also disable the verb if it's not one your story uses (see "Overriding existing commands" in the docs).
    *Conversation systems should take precedence over objects* since this is what players will expect. See the example below for one implementation of this.