Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Section: Control
    To change the default color values at the start of play, authors can use syntax like:
        The style of object-word is hyperlink-color1-style.
    The four modes are object-word, direction-word, topic-word, and parser-word. Possible styles are hyperlink-color1-style and hyperlink-color2-style; but also additional styles hyperlink-bold-style, hyperlink-italics-style, hyperlink-fixedwidth-style, and hyperlink-no-style are provided.
    To change the Glulx colors, you can adjust g-color1 and g-color2 by amending the Table of Common Color Values-- see the documentation for "Glulx Text Effects" by Emily Short for more information.
        Table of Common Color Values (amended)
      glulx color value  assigned number   
      g-color1  15645627  
    All messages the extension prints are customizable responses. Use the RESPONSES testing command to view them, then adjust with a line like the following:
        The setup hyperlink emphasis rule response (B) is "This is what [o]objects[x] look like."