Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Section: Directions
    When direction hyperlink highlighting is set to true and cardinal directions are wrapped in brackets in room descriptions, these will be emphasized as they are printed.
        "Gloomy passages depart to the [south] and [east]."
    Compassless navigation as seen in Blue Lacuna can be implemented by adding a directional hyperlink as a synonym for the intended direction, limiting this to the specific room in which that hyperlink is valid, and wrapping the relevant word in "d" and "x" tags in the descriptive text.
        "Gloomy passages depart down a dusty set of [d]stairs[x] and through a wide [d]passage[x]." Understand "stairs" as south when location is Gloomy Tunnel. Understand "passage" as east when location is Gloomy Tunnel.
    An "exits" verb is included with Hyperlink Interface to assist blind users or those without color interpreters (who in the above example would have no way of knowing which words correspond to movement). EXITS lists all of the cardinal exits from the current location. If your game uses compassless navigation, you may want to extend this verb to print your hyperlinks instead (see the "Gnome's Holiday" example below for one way to do this).