Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Section: Objects
    When object hyperlink highlighting is set to true, the extension will automatically emphasize non-scenery objects listed by the parser. Objects in descriptive text may be manually emphasized by wrapping them in [o] and [x] substitutions.
        The Office is a room. "Only a bare [o]bulb[x] illuminates this dim office, empty except for a solitary desk.". A desk and a bare bulb are scenery in the office. On the desk is a telephone book and the lamp.
    This produces output like the following (where emphasis is marked with asterisks):
        The Office
        Only a bare *bulb* illuminates this dim office, empty except for a solitary desk.
        On the desk are a telephone *book* and a *lamp*.
    In this situation, the text between the [o] and the [x] is automatically executed, so it is possible to write item discriptions like so:
        Apple is a thing in The Office. The Description is "It's an apple. [Paragraph Break]Actions: '[o]look apple[x ]', '[o]take apple[x]', or '[o]eat apple[x]'". Apple is edible.
    If you want scenery items to be automatically emphasized, you can manually set them as hyperlinked, or include a line like the following (which would add emphasis to "desk" in the final line above):
        When play begins: now every scenery thing is hyperlinked.
    The emphasized word will be the final word of the object's printed name. To change this, you can use the object's "hyperlink" text property, which should be one of the other words in the printed name. You can also define an object as "hyperlinkless," in which case it will never be automatically emphasized.
        A book of memories with hyperlink "book" is in the Office. Some scattered cigarettes are a hyperlinkless thing in the Office.
        "You can also see a *book* of memories and some scattered cigarettes here."
    Automatic emphasis normally occurs when looking, opening or taking inventory. If you want to disable one of these you can use code like the following:
        The Hyperlink Interface highlight objects when looking rule is not listed in any rulebook.
    Conversely, if you want object highlighting during other times, you can use code like this:
        Rule for printing the name of a thing (called item) while asking which do you mean:
            carry out the object hyperlinking activity with item.