Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Section: Basic Usage
    Hyperlink Interface allows an emphasis style to be set for one of four possible categories. Each of these can be enabled or disabled independently by the author or player. By default, they are set as follows:
        Object hyperlink highlighting is initially true.
        Direction hyperlink highlighting is initially true.
        Topic hyperlink highlighting is initially false.
        Parser highlighting is initially false.
    These can be enabled or disabled at any time during play through a "now" statement, or globally by making a more definitive assertion:
        Object hyperlink highlighting is false.
    If hyperlinks are a crucial component of your game, you can add the following:
        Hyperlinks required is true.
    This will bring up a message before your game begins ensuring that players can see the hyperlink highlighting, and giving them an option to adjust styles. Alternatively, you can advertize the HYPERLINKS verb to players, which brings up the same menu, or show some stock explanatory text, customized to which hyperlinks are enabled, by using the following phrase, perhaps in the carry out rule for an "about" command:
        carry out the showing the hyperlink introduction text activity