Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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    This extension emulates the emphasized keyword system for streamlining common IF input, as seen in "Blue Lacuna" by Aaron Reed, changing emphasis with hyperlinks. Nouns, directions, and topics are highlighted and can be typed without verbs to examine, move, or discuss, respectively. (Topics are implemented only in skeletal form to allow for integration with any conversation system.) A full system for letting the player select his own preferred color scheme and keeping games backwards-compatible for players on screen readers or with no color support is also included. The extension is compatible with Glulx only.
    A warning: Glulx users can select from a palette of sixteen million colors, but can only make two of these available at a time, and these cannot be changed during play. The two defaults are blue and green, and only authors can customize this. Bold, italics, and fixed-width are offered as alternatives to colored hyperlinks.