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  • Chapter P4 - Giving orders (for use with Questions by Michael Callaghan)

    An order is a kind of value. The orders are defined by the table of orders. The specification of the order is "Represents an order that can be given by the player."

    Table of Orders
    Order  Printed description  Targeted people    
    null-order  "Do nothing."  Description of people    
    stop  "Stop here for now."  --    
    regroup  "Regroup."  --    
    continue  "Travel as a group."  --    

    When play begins (this is the initialize table of orders rule):
        Target stop at visible obedient ready to follow other people;
        Target regroup at visible obedient other people who are not in the location of the player;
        Target continue at visible obedient other not ready to follow people who are held by the holder of the player.
    To target (O - an order) at (D - a description of people):
        Now the targeted people of O is D;
        If O is an order listed in the table of orders: [otherwise can't happen]
            Now targeted people entry is D.
    The obedience rules are a person based rulebook.
    An obedience rule for a playable person (this is the playable characters are obedient rule):
        Rule succeeds.
    The last obedience rule (this is the most characters are not obedient rule):
        Rule fails.
    Definition: A person (called P) is obedient:
        Consider the obedience rules for P;
        If the rule succeeded, yes;
    To decide whether (P - a person) is a target of (O - an order):
        If P is not visible or P is not obedient or P is the player, no;
        Let D be the targeted people of O;
        Decide on whether or not P matches D.
    [The ordering a group to rules are an order based rulebook with default success.]
    Targeting relates an order (called O) to a person (called P) when P is a target of O.
    The verb to target (it targets, they target, it targeted, he is targeted, it is targeting) implies the targeting relation.
    Definition: A person is other if it is not the player.