version 1/120327 by Kevin Norris

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  • Chapter: Miscellaneous

    I may be contacted directly at While I do check my email religiously, I may not have time to respond promptly; if you have a general question about Inform or interactive fiction, it might be better to post it at instead.

    In the future, bug reporters and beta testers will be listed here; at the time of this writing, I've yet to receive any significant feedback. Bug reports are always welcome.

    Finally, please note that there is a good chance of later versions altering some of the details documented above (for example, in version 2, following might hypothetically be converted into a general relation, and the adjective 'ready to follow' would then be withdrawn as redundant); this could result in compatibility issues for the unprepared. This will generally only happen for major versions (version 1, 2, and so on); I will try to maintain backwards compatibility for minor releases (e.g. 1/120327 versus a later date within version 1).