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    This is a relatively simple extension designed to make it easy for a game to have multiple protagonists. The player can POSSESS, BECOME, or PLAY AS any person designated as playable, although you may limit this by writing additional Check rules. Note that possession is an action out of world; it is not subject to Before, Instead, or After rules.
    Independent of possession, the NPCs can also follow the player, making it easier to keep the party together. Simply designate an NPC as ready to follow, and they will. The player can also ask anyone who can be persuaded to follow him. Waiting cancels following.

    If Questions by Michael Callaghan is included, the player can also give group orders to anyone who will listen, by typing ORDERS and choosing an option.

    For most purposes, it is enough to include this extension and designate some people as playable (including the player). However, this extension is quite flexible; if you need to modify the behavior of this extension, or are merely curious, read on.