Interactive Poetic Interludes

version 2 by Kazuki Mishima

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  • Chapter 1 - Author Stuff

    Section 1 - All You Really Need to Know

    [ if the author includes "Use paragraphs." in the program, there won't be a linebreak automatically added to the end of a line. ]
    Use paragraphs translates as (- Constant POEM_OR_PARAGRAPH; -).

    [ if the author includes "Use centering." in the program, the lines will be centered. ]
    Use centering translates as (- Constant CENTERING_OR_NOTCENTERING; -).

    [ This table can be "(amended)" -- see Writing with Inform, Chapter 15.19 "Table Amendments" ]
    Table of Informational Messages
    informational message  line  
    word-not-valid-yet  "[line break][line break][bracket]That word is not part of the poem yet.[close bracket][line break]"  
    word-not-valid  "[line break][line break][bracket]That word is either insignificant or not part of the poem.[close bracket][line break]"  

    [ this say phrase is how the author ends the poem. ]
    To say fín/fin:
        pause the game;
        clear the screen;
        now the current poem is read.