Interactive Poetic Interludes

version 2 by Kazuki Mishima

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  • Example: * Bland Poetry - A short piece of interactive fiction with an interactive poetic interlude.

        "Bland Poetry"
        Include Interactive Poetic Interludes by Kazuki Mishima.
        Many Lines is a poem. The textual content of Many Lines is the Table of Many Lines.
        Table of Many Lines
      Topic  line-number  Line  
      --  a number  some text  
      --  1  "The first line"  
      "first"  2  "of three or more"  
      "line"  2  "of a bland poetic narrative"  
      "three"  3  "is, by itself, still only one.[fin]"  
      "more"  3  "holds untold possibility in finite space.[fin]"  
      "bland"  3  "shows so little promise.[fin]"  
      "poetic"  3  "may contain no play on words.[fin]"  
      "narrative"  3  "tells no story worth hearing.[fin]"  
        Underimplemented Room is a room. The player is in Underimplemented Room.
        In Underimplemented Room is a thing called a paper with some writing on it.
        Instead of examining the paper:
            say "It's a poem.";
            change the current poem to Many Lines.
        Underimplemented Bar is a room.
        After the Poem is a scene. After the Poem begins when Many Lines is read.
        When After the Poem begins:
            say "Now you need a drink.";
            remove the paper from play;
            move the player to Underimplemented Bar, printing an abbreviated room description.

        Test me with "take paper / read it / line / bland".