Object Response Tests

version 5 by Juhana Leinonen

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    Chapter: Basic usage

    Object Response Tests adds new testing commands ANALYZE and TRY. ANALYZE can be used to execute all available commands on a single object to see whether all the messages make sense. TRY is similar but in 'reverse': it tests one verb with all the objects currently in the location. The syntax is TRY <action>, for example TRY PUSHING.

    There's also an ANALYZE ALL command for those who are feeling adventurous. It runs all the tests on all the objects currently in the location. It is mainly useful for locations with not that many objects to test.

    For testing the default library actions, just include the extension in your project and both these commands will become available. Actions related to speaking with persons (saying, telling, asking) are excluded because of the various ways different games handle conversation.