Written Inventory

version 3 by Jon Ingold

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  • Example: ** The Magician - An example of the layout, including varying the way contents are listed.

        Include Written Inventory by Jon Ingold.

        The Stage is a room. "The crowd watch with baited breath and the drum roll grows louder..."

        The player is wearing a top hat. The player is carrying a cane. The cane is a container. Inside the cane is the narrow sword. The hat is a container. Inside the hat is a white dove. The wide brim is part of the top hat.

        Rule for inventory listing the contents of the cane:
            say ". The cane carries its usual deadly apparatus" instead.

        Rule for inventory listing the contents of the top hat when the hat is worn:
            say ". Under the hat [is-are a list of things inside the hat]";
        [but the wide brim is never mentioned.]

        Report taking the dove: say "You put your hand into the hat and withdraw something..." instead.

        Every turn when the player is carrying the white dove:
            remove dove from play;
            say "The dove flutters out of your hands, much to the audience's delight!";
            end the game in victory.

        test me with "i/doff hat/i/take sword/i/take dove".