version 3 by Jon Ingold

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  • Example: * Santa's Shed - A brief example showing some sets of objects - and also demonstrating the parser's slightly strange choice of plural defaulting when there are names duplicates and specifically named items in a location (in this case, pairs of antlers and Rudolph's own pair.)

        Santa's Shed is a room.

        Include Multi-examine by Jon Ingold.

        A reindeer is a kind of animal. The group description of a reindeer is "A herd of fine reindeer, with fine antlers lined with bells."

        A pair of antlers is a kind of thing. An pair of antlers is part of every reindeer. The plural of pair of antlers is pairs of antlers.

        A bell is a kind of thing. The group description of a bell is "The bells make a charming tinkling noise as the animals shuffle about." Four bells are part of every pair of antlers.

        Rudolph is a reindeer. The description of Rudolph is "One reindeer has a very shiny red nose."

        The shiny nose is part of Rudolph. The shiny nose has description "Painfully bright."

        In the Shed are six reindeer. In the Shed is Rudolph.

        Every turn when a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds: say "The animals pace and chew the ground."

        Test me with "x reindeers/x rudolph/x bells/x bell/x a pair of antlers/x all antlers/x all".