Landmark Events

version 2 by Jon Ingold

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  • Section: Remembering and Forgetting Landmarks

    We can also forget landmarks, though this might lead to some confusion as things might start to loop:

        forget about emerging from the forest;

    The extension supports a maximum of 30 landmarks occuring in any one game. Once that is reached, an error will be produced. In order to find out if extra rows are needed a debugging-only verb "ennumerate landmarks" is provided. Type this at the game prompt for advice on how much space the table requires. If it tells you that you have exceeded the internal limit you will need to extend the table in your source using a table continuation, as follows:

        Table of landmark-Times (continued)
      landmark  time achieved  
      a landmark  a time  
      with 10 blank rows.  

    ...where the number of blank rows will be advised by the debugging verb.