Landmark Events

version 2 by Jon Ingold

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    Chapter: Overview

    Landmark Events is an extension to extend Inform 7's ability to track past events. This isn't done very elegantly: you need to define events (known as "landmarks") and then note in your source when they occur. Landmarks are values and can be defined as and when you need them...

        Emerging from the forest is a landmarks. Reaching the city walls and singing for joy are landmarks.

    You then tell the game when these landmarks are reached. These calls can be made either in say substitutions or phrases. The same landmark can occur as many times as you like within your code but the landmark will .

        Every turn when the city walls are visible: this is reaching the city walls.
        Every turn when the player is not in the Forest:
            say "[this is emerging from the forest]Finally, you are clear of the trees!"
        Check singing when emerging from the forest has happened or reaching the city walls has happened:
            this is singing for joy; say "You holler with happiness at your success!"