Interactive Parsing

version 3 by Jon Ingold

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  • Version 3 of Interactive Parsing (for Glulx only) by Jon Ingold begins here.

    "Provides real-time suggestions for the player's input based on what they've typed so far, using the parser itself to ensure these suggestions are sensible."


            * Auto-build two-letter verb table (Might be slow? Might not help much?)

            * Ambiguous input goes to the main screen, followed by a prompt for more info. Would be better if this prompt was in the input line.

            * Similarly, would be better if parser errors stayed on the input line too.



            Print Inferred Command -
            - currently clobbered by a "clarifying the parser's choice of..." rule
            - should actually print inference in blue after typed text, if all words AOK etc.
            - (But shouldn't print PRESS RETURN if there's an inference???)