Flexible Windows

version 13/130803 by Jon Ingold

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  • Section - Calibrating the window set to match expectations

    Definition: a g-window is a next-step if it is spawned by something g-present.

    To calibrate windows:
    [ open g-required g-unpresent windows. start with directly spawned windows.
    close g-unrequired g-present windows. start with childless!
    Try the loop multiple times to check we get them all ]
        while the number of g-unrequired g-present childless g-windows > 0:
            repeat with h running through g-unrequired g-present childless g-windows:
                g-destroy h;
        while the number of next-step g-required g-unpresent g-windows > 0:
            repeat with h running through next-step g-required g-unpresent g-windows:
                g-make h;