Flexible Windows

version 13/130803 by Jon Ingold

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  •     Section: Opening Windows

        open up side-window
        open up banner-window

    The only point to note is that the "open up" command will, if necessary, also open any sub-windows required to reach the window you've asked for. So if the side-window is a spawn of the banner-window, and the banner-window is currently not open, the "open up side-window" command will open both. As mentioned above, spawning order is not editable once the game has started, so if you need flexibility on this, you'll need to make multiple, identical-acting windows (see Window Rules, below).

    We set the cursor using
        set the cursor to the main-window;

    When writing and drawing to windows we should be careful they exist, otherwise the game will crash strangely. You can check the existence of a window at any time by testing for the g-present property.

        if side-window is g-present...
        if side-window is g-unpresent...

    Since a lot of I6 code comes along with Glulx windows, these attributes exist cleanly in I6 too, (note the underscore replacing the hyphen).

        if ((+side-window+) has g_present)...
        if ((+banner-window+) hasnt g_present)...