Flexible Windows

version 13/130803 by Jon Ingold

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  •     Section: Defaults and Corrections

    Opening a new window is an activity that gets called for the pending window. This activity is the "constructing something" activity, and it's used to set background colours, neatly arranged unpositioned new windows, and apply the minimum width rules. New rules can be written before and after this activity. These rules may refer to "the pending g-window"; note that before, this window will not yet be in existence on the screen but its properties can be changed, and after it should be present on the screen.

    Should you want to make changes to the styles for the windows, this is also the place to do it (see the Glk spec for more information on this). During the before phase, set the stylehint you want. During the after phase, remove it again, so that it doesn't affect other newly created windows. (See background colour rules for an example of this).