Flexible Windows

version 13/130803 by Jon Ingold

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  •     Section: Positioning windows

    Each window is a thing of the kind g-window, which has several properties relating to its layout.

    The position of each new window is specified using one of four positions, g-placeabove, g-placebelow, g-placeleft and g-placeright. Note, these indicate where the new window will be, rather than the direction of the slice taken.

    So for example, to creating a banner between the main screen and the status, we would write

        The banner-window is a g-window. The main-window spawns the banner-window. The position of the banner-window is g-placeabove.

    For a more complicated layout, akin to a standard email client, with folder list, contacts, preview and files windows, we would write

        The contacts-pane, folder-list and preview-window are g-windows. The main-window spawns the preview-window and the contacts-pane. The contacts-pane spawns the folder-list.

        The position of the preview-window is g-placebelow. The position of the contacts-pane is g-placeleft. The position of the folder-list is g-placeabove.

    (Try sketching it out on a piece of paper.)