Flexible Windows

version 13/130803 by Jon Ingold

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        Chapter: Introduction

        Section: Overview

    Flexible Windows allows the Glulx author to construct and fill a series of multiple windows, which can be created and destroyed safely during the course of play. Restarts and restores are all handled properly. Windows can be graphical, text-buffers (like the main window is) or text-grids (in which case, glk calls can be used to place characters anywhere within them).

    Although Flexible Windows does not supply any rules for using graphical windows beyond the most basic, several can be found in Emily Short's Simple Graphical Window extension. The examples below demonstrate some ideas. However, Flexible Windows is not compatible with Simple Graphical Window. The Glimmr family of extensions provides extensive support for graphics in Flexible Windows.

    Note that as of version 9, the method of specifying drawing rules for windows has changed. See the Window Rules section below.

    The latest version of this extension can be found at <https://github.com/i7/extensions>. This extension is released under the Creative Commons Attribution licence. Bug reports, feature requests or questions should be made at <https://github.com/i7/extensions/issues>.