Far Away

version 5 by Jon Ingold

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  • Section - Distant Objects rulebook

    The distant objects rules are a thing based rulebook.

    The far-flung-thing is a thing that varies.

    To decide if we can't get at (n - a thing):
    [ This runs the rulebook. Means we can consider noun and second noun neatly in the accessibility rule above. ]
        change the far-flung-thing to n;
        consider the distant objects rules for the far-flung-thing;
        if rule failed:
            decide yes;
            change access-flag to 0;
        decide no.

    The last distant objects rule for a thing (called the item) when the person asked is not the player (this is the fail other people rule):
        rule fails.

    The last distant objects rule when reporting errors (this is the can't touch rule):
        say far-off message, paragraph break;
        rule fails.