Disambiguation Control

version 7 by Jon Ingold

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  • Version 7 of Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold begins here.

    "Allows finer control over the disambiguation process used by Inform to decide what the player was referring to. Less guesswork, more questions asking for more input. Also removes the multiple-object-rejection in favour of asking for more information."


        "Doing something with" only checks for first noun:
            -> particularly annoying for give and show, which check their reversed forms first
            -> meaning the first attempt at parsing will ignore all rules about animate contexts!
            -> current workaround throws out non-animates for giving and showing to.
                This isn't great (see comments in the appropriate section) - but the problem is the order in which the parser defines the grammar lines
                and that's impossible to change!

        The parser will "auto-guess" if it matches a group of "indistinguishable" items, but the parser doesn't always know when items are indistinguishable. In particular, if you use "[something related by containment]" to refer to a generic container / kind of container, the parser will treats these items as indistinguishable (same grammar) despite the fact the player can - easily - distinguish them.
            -> Need some way to step in and tell the parser "these are not hte same"
            -> was possible in I6 "##TheSame" , not sure how to do it now


    Use disambiguation list length of at least 6 translates as (- Constant TRUNCATE_LIST = {N}; -).

    Use no parser suggestions translates as (- Constant NO_SUGGESTIONS; -).
    Use no multiple suggestions translates as (- Constant NO_MULTIPLE; -).

    Use debug choose objects translates as (- Constant COBJ_DEBUG; -).