Considerate Holdall

version 9 by Jon Ingold

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  • Section 2 - Rulebooks, one for each type

    part 1 - Holdall rules

    The holdall rules are an object-based rulebook. The holdall rules have outcomes allow stashing (success), no decision (no outcome - the default) and disallow stashing (failure).

    Holdall rule for a thing not enclosed by the player: disallow stashing.

    Holdall rule for a thing (called the item) when multi (this is the remove all from a holdall rule):
        if taking something inside the item, disallow stashing;

    Holdall rule for a closed player's holdall (this is the require an open holdall rule):
        if not using the inline implicit library option, disallow stashing;

    A holdall rule for a thing (called the item) (this is the check the size of a holdall rule):
        if item provides the property carrying capacity and the number of things in item is at least the carrying capacity of item, disallow stashing.

    The last holdall rule: allow stashing.

    A player's holdall can be CHavailable or CHunavailable. A thing can be CHviable or CHunviable.

    To decide if multi: (- (multiflag) -).