Considerate Holdall

version 9 by Jon Ingold

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  • Example: * A Basic Holdall - Skeleton code for a working holdall.

        The Art Gallery is a room. "Filled to the brim with treasures protected by laser-guided motion-sensitive auto-detection self-repairing burglar-maiming insurance-devices. Lucky thing about that power cut, really." The gold sceptre, jade obelisk, diamond tiara, ancient Saxon silver knife are here.

    We provide the player with a holdall:

        Include Considerate Holdall by Jon Ingold.
        The black swag bag is an open wearable player's holdall. The player is wearing the swag bag. It has description "Big letters: SWAG."
        The player is carrying the lit torch and a lockpick.
        The lit torch is unstashable.

    And finally, something to ensure a bag is necessary anyway:

        The carrying capacity of the player is 3.

        test me with "i/take sceptre/take obelisk/examine sceptre/take tiara/take knife".

    Note the order in which the objects are stashed.