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version 1 by John W Kennedy

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  • Example: * Samplex - A small game mostly consisting of such help.

        "Samplex" by John W Kennedy

        Include Advanced Help Menu by John W Kennedy.

        When play begins:
            choose row 1 in Table of Basic Help Options;
            change description entry to "This is a demonstration of John W. Kennedy's Advanced Help Menu.";
            activate hint menu Table of Entrance hints menu;
            activate hint Table of entering hints.

        The Cave Entrance is a room.
        "You are outside a cave, which is south of you."
        South is the Cave Interior.

        The Cave Interior is a room.
        "This is the interior of the cave."
        After going in the Cave Interior:
            activate hint menu Table of Cave hints menu;
            activate hint Table of opening hints;
            continue the action.

        The treasure chest is an openable closed container in the Cave Interior.
        After opening the treasure chest:
            end the game in victory.

        Table of Basic Help Options (continued)
      title  subtable  description  toggle  
      "Setting options"  Table of Setting Options  
      "Sample transcript"  Table of a sample transcript  --  sample-transcript rule  
      "Hints"  Table of general hint menus  

        Table of a Sample Transcript
      sample text  
      "[italic type]This is not a transcript from [bold type]Samplex[roman type][italic type], but illustrates the sort of thing that can happen.[roman type]"  
      "[bold type]Bedroom[roman type][line break]This is your bedroom. The kitchen is to your east."  
      "You are holding a mousetrap."  
      "[bold type]Kitchen[roman type][line break]This is your kitchen. Tiny black dots on the floor confirm your worst fears."  
      ">put the mousetrap on the floor"  
      "That would be pointless, as the mousetrap is not set."  

        Table of all hint menus

      menu  title  parent subtable  
      Table of Entrance hints menu  "At the cave entrance"  Table of general hint menus  
      Table of Cave hints menu  "In the cave"  Table of general hint menus  
      Table of general hint menus  
      title  subtable  description  toggle  
      --  a table-name  --  a rule  
      with 1 blank row. [2 blank rows total]  
      Table of Entrance hints menu  
      title  subtable  description  toggle  
      --  a table-name  --  a rule  
      [1 blank row total]  
      Table of Cave hints menu  
      title  subtable  description  toggle  
      --  a table-name  --  a rule  
      [1 blank row total]  
      Table of all hints  
      subtable  title  parent subtable  
      Table of entering hints  "How can I enter the cave?"  Table of Entrance hints menu  
      Table of opening hints  "How can I open the chest?"  Table of Cave hints menu  
      Table of entering hints  
      hint  used  
      "Well, you could simply wish yourself into the cave."  a number  
      "Something simpler would work better."  
      "Just go south."  
      Table of opening hints  
      hint  used  
      "Just open it!"  a number