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    This first requires that the following two tables be created. The tables themselves must be as given, but the contents depend on the game. The first table gives a list of all hint menus except the master hint menu (here called "Table of general hints". The second table gives a list of all hints

        Table of all hint menus

      menu  title  parent subtable  
      Table of Somerset hints  "In Somerset Town"  Table of general hints  
      Table of Enchanted Forest hints  "In the Enchanted Forest"  Table of general hints  
      Table of all hints  
      subtable  title  parent subtable  
      Table of forest entry hints  "How can I enter the Forest?"  Table of Somerset hints  
      Table of goblet hints  "What can I do with the goblet?"  Table of Somerset hints  
      Table of tavern hints  "What should I do at the Full Moon Tavern?"  Table of Enchanted Forest hints  
    In addition to these, the actual hint tables must be created, just as in Emily Short's basic system, and the hint menus can be created. Note that each hint menu must be created with sufficient blank rows, or there will be an error at run time.  
      To activate any hint,  
      Activate hint (hint-table-name).  
      To activate any hint menu,  
      Activate hint menu (hint-menu-name).  
    A further feature is that one or more sample transcripts can be created. To do so, put in a help menu a row such as this.  
      "Sample transcription"  Table of the sample  --  sample-transcript rule  
    A sample-transcription table contains a column called "sample text", filled with material to be emitted. Each one will be displayed with a trailing paragraph break.