Scheduled Activities

version 10 by John Clemens

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  • Section 1 - Scheduling Rule
    Table of Scheduled Events
    SA_Moment  SA_Turn  SA_Event  SA_Object_Event  SA_Target  SA_Similar  
    a time  a number  an activity on nothing  an activity on objects  an object  a number  
    with 49 blank rows  
    This is the scheduled events rule:
        check skipped events;
        now stored_preceding is 0;
        repeat through the Table of Scheduled Events:
            if (there is a SA_Moment entry and the SA_Moment entry is time of day) or (there is a SA_Turn entry and the SA_Turn entry is turn count):
                if there is a SA_Similar entry and SA_Similar entry is 1:
                     now stored_preceding is 2;
                    if there is a SA_Event entry, mark SA_Event entry activities;
                    otherwise mark SA_Object_Event entry activities;
                if there is a SA_Target entry, carry out the SA_Object_Event entry activity with the SA_Target entry;
                otherwise carry out the SA_Event entry activity;
                if a paragraph break is pending, say conditional paragraph break;
                now stored_preceding is 1;
                blank out the whole row;
        unmark similar entries.
    The scheduled events rule is listed before the timed events rule in the turn sequence rules.