Scheduled Activities

version 10 by John Clemens

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  • Example: ** Bunnies - Grouping activity reports.
        Include Scheduled Activities by John Clemens.
        When play begins, say "You have snuck into the castle to steal the King's scepter. You have heard tales of the fierce rabbits guarding the palace, but are armed with a supply of holy hand grenades."
        A mood is a kind of value. The moods are asleep, suspicious, vicious, and mutilated.
        Definition: a rabbit is living if it is not mutilated.
        To say long mood of (bugs - a rabbit):
            if bugs is asleep, say "sleeping peacefully";
            if bugs is suspicious, say "eyeing you suspiciously";
            if bugs is vicious, say "snarling viciously";
            if bugs is mutilated, say "splattered on the walls".
        A rabbit is a kind of animal. A rabbit has a mood. A rabbit is usually asleep. Understand the mood property as describing a rabbit. The printed name of a rabbit is usually "[mood] rabbit". The printed plural name of a rabbit is usually "[mood] rabbits".
        Rule for printing the name of a rabbit (called bugs) while listing contents of a room: say "rabbit [long mood of item described]". Rule for printing the plural name of a rabbit while listing contents of a room: say "rabbits [long mood of item described]".
        Instead of doing something to a mutilated rabbit, say "There's really not much left of it."
        After going to somewhere:
            repeat with bugs running through rabbits in location begin;
                if bugs is asleep, schedule rousing for bugs now;
                if bugs is suspicious, schedule angering for bugs now;
            end repeat;
            continue the action.
        Every turn when a vicious rabbit is in location:
            say "You are suddenly beset by sharp pointy teeth as [if the number of vicious rabbits in location > 1][the number of vicious rabbits in location in words] vicious rabbits lunge[otherwise]a vicious rabbit lunges[end if] for your throat.";
            end the story.
        Rousing something is an activity.
        Rule for rousing an asleep rabbit (called bugs):
            now bugs is suspicious;
            schedule angering for bugs in 1 turn;
            if first similar activity and a visible rabbit is pending rousing, say "Hearing you, the sleeping rabbit[if the number of visible rabbits pending rousing is 1] begins[otherwise]s begin[end if] to stir."
        Angering something is an activity.
        Rule for angering a suspicious rabbit (called bugs):
            now bugs is vicious;
            if first similar activity and a visible rabbit is pending angering, say "The suspicious rabbit[if the number of visible rabbits pending angering is 1] bares its[otherwise]s bare their[end if] teeth at you."
        A holy hand grenade is a kind of thing. The player carries five holy hand grenades.
        Understand "throw [holy hand grenade] [direction]" as lobbing it toward. Understand the commands "lob" and "lobbeth" as "throw". Instead of dropping a holy hand grenade, try lobbing the noun toward down.
        Lobbing it toward is an action applying to one carried thing and one visible thing.
        Check lobbing it toward: abide by the can't drop what's not held rule.
        The target room is a room that varies.
        Carry out lobbing it toward:
            if there is exploding scheduled for the noun begin;
                say "You throw the grenade";
                say "You pull the pin and throw the grenade";
                schedule exploding for the noun in 2 turns;
            end if;
            now the target room is the room second noun from location;
            if the second noun is down, now the target room is location;
            if target room is not a room begin;
                say " [second noun], where it bounces off [if second noun is up]the ceiling[otherwise]the wall[end if] and lands at your feet.";
                move noun to location;
                if target room is location, say " on the ground.";
                otherwise say " into [the target room].";
                move noun to target room;
            end if.
        Exploding something is an activity.
        Rule for exploding a holy hand grenade (called bomb):
            if bomb is in the location begin;
                say "[bold type]Boom! [roman type]The grenade explodes, killing you instantly.";
                cancel all scheduled events;
                end the story;
                let destroyed be the location of bomb;
                if destroyed is a room begin;
                    say "You hear an explosion from [the best route from location to destroyed][if a living rabbit is in destroyed], followed by the unmistakable sound of rabbit screams[end if].";
                    now every rabbit in destroyed is mutilated;
                    [we do not need to cancel activities for the rabbits since the activity rules don't apply to mutilated rabbits]
                    repeat with item running through holy hand grenades in destroyed begin;
                        cancel all scheduled events for item;
                        remove item from play;
                    end repeat;
                end if;
            end if.
        The Entrance is a room. "A Hall stretches to the east, and the exit is back west."
        The Hall is east of the entrance. "The entrance is west, and the banquet room is south." In the Hall are five rabbits.
        The Banquet Room is south of the hall. "The hall is north, and the throne room is west." In the Banquet Room are 3 rabbits and 1 suspicious rabbit.
        The Throne room is west of the banquet room. "The treasure is stored here." In the throne room are two vicious rabbits.
        The scepter is in the throne room. The description of the scepter is "Covered with jewels, and worth the risk."
        Instead of going west in the Entrance: say "Not without the scepter."
        Instead of going west in the Entrance when the player carries the scepter: say "You escape with the scepter, ensuring your fortune."; end the story finally.
        Test me with "e / lobbeth holy hand grenade / w / z / e / throw grenade s / z / z / s / throw grenade w / z / z / w / take scepter / e / n / w / w".
        Test death with "e / s / n".