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version 10 by John Clemens

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  • Example: * Perfume - Using descriptions and rooms.
        Include Scheduled Activities by John Clemens.
        A room is either smelly or unscented. A room is usually unscented.
        A thing is either smelly or unscented. A thing is usually unscented.
        Instead of smelling a smelly room: say "A horrible perfume odor assaults your nostrils."
        Instead of smelling a smelly thing, say "You can still smell the perfume on [the noun]."
        Living room is a room. Study is west of the living room. Kitchen is east of the living room.
        A rare book, a newspaper, and a sweater are in the study.
        The perfume bottle is in the living room. The description is "A perfume spray bottle."
        Dispersing something is an activity.
        Rule for dispersing a room (called place):
            if place is smelly and place is the location, say "The perfume haze finally clears.";
            now place is unscented.
        Rule for dispersing a thing (called item): now item is unscented.
        Understand "spray [something]" as spraying. Spraying is an action applying to one carried thing.
        Check spraying: if the noun is not the perfume, instead say "You can't spray that."
        Carry out spraying:
            cancel all scheduled dispersing for the location;
            cancel all scheduled dispersing for everything enclosed by the location;
            now the location is smelly;
            now everything enclosed by the location is smelly;
            schedule dispersing for the location in 2 turns;
            schedule dispersing in 5 turns for everything enclosed by the location.
        Report spraying: say "You spray the perfume into the air, leaving a noxious haze."
        Test me with "smell / spray perfume / smell / w /smell book / spray perfume / smell / smell book / smell / smell book / e / smell / w / smell book".