Scheduled Activities

version 10 by John Clemens

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  • Example: * Tinitinitis - Scheduling, testing, and canceling activities.
        Include Scheduled Activities by John Clemens.
        The Concert Hall is a room.
        A percussive instrument is a kind of thing. A percussive instrument can be ringing. A percussive instrument has a number called duration. The duration of a percussive instrument is usually 5.
        The cymbal is a percussive instrument in the concert hall.
        The triangle is a percussive instrument in the concert hall. The duration of the triangle is 1.
        Striking is an action applying to one thing. Understand "strike [something]" as striking.
        Report striking: say "You strike [the noun]."
        Instead of striking a percussive instrument:
            if the noun is ringing, say "You strike [the noun] again[if the noun is pending silencing], just in time[end if].";
            otherwise say "You strike [the noun] and it starts ringing.";
            now the noun is ringing;
            cancel all scheduled silencing for the noun;
            schedule silencing for the noun in duration of noun minutes.
        Silencing something is an activity.
        Rule for silencing something (called bell):
            if the bell is ringing, say "[The bell] stops ringing.";
            now the bell is not ringing.
        Test me with "strike cymbal / strike cymbal / strike triangle / strike triangle / z / z / z".