Conditional Backdrops

version 1 by John Clemens

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    "An extension to allow rules for determining the presence of backdrops."

    A conditional backdrop is a kind of thing.

    A conditional backdrop is always fixed in place. A conditional backdrop is never portable. A conditional backdrop is usually scenery.

    Include (- with found_in [ ; ProcessRulebook( (+ Backdrop condition rules +), self); return (rulechange_stack-->rulechange_sp == RS_SUCCEEDS); ], -) when defining a conditional backdrop.

    The specification of conditional backdrop is "Like a backdrop, but allows rules for determining presence or absence in a given room."

    Backdrop condition rules are an object-based rulebook.

    Backdrop condition rules have outcomes present (success), it is present (success), it is absent (failure) and absent (failure - the default).

    To decide which object is new location: (- location -).

    Conditional Backdrops ends here.