version 2 by Jim Aikin

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    Section: What it does.

    Spellcasting is a simple extension (version 2 updated for compatibility with 6G60) that does the following things. First, we can create words for new magic-spells, such as shazam. Once shazam has been added to a game according to the guidelines below, the player will be able to use the commands "shazam", "cast shazam", "shazam the X", and "cast shazam at the X" (where X is some object in the game).

    By default, however, the spells we add to a game are unlearned, and thus can't be used by the player. We can declare a spell as learned when we create it (in which case the player will be able to use it from the beginning of the game), or we can create a mechanism (for instance, as part of the action of reading a spell-book) that includes the line "now shazam is learned".

    The extension also implements the out of world command "spells". This will list the spells the player has learned, together with a brief description of each. If no spells have been learned, the "spells" command will say so.

    The new actions defined in Spellcasting are casting, casting it at, zapping (which handles commands of the form "shazam the X"), and spellchecking.