Dynamic Objects

version 8/140515 by Jesse McGrew

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  • Example: * The Cubbins Effect - Creating a new hat every time the player removes the one he's wearing.
        "The Cubbins Effect" by Geodor Theisel
        Include Dynamic Objects by Jesse McGrew.
        King Derwin's Court is a room. "You have been summoned here for the crime of failing to remove your hat in the king's presence."
        A hat is a kind of thing.
        A hat style is a kind of value. The hat styles are red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, brown, zebra-striped, tall, pointy, short, gray, pink, fuzzy, rainbow-colored, and feathered.
        A hat has a hat style. Before printing the name of a hat, say "[hat style] ". Understand the hat style property as describing a hat.
        The player wears a hat which is red.
        Instead of taking off a hat which is worn by the player:
            now the noun is in the location;
            if 500 hats are in the location:
                say "You remove [the noun] and drop it. It seems that was the last one!";
                end the story finally saying "You have won";
                let the new hat be a new object cloned from the noun;
                now the player is wearing the new hat;
                say "You remove [the noun] and drop it, only to find another hat upon your head -- a [hat style of the new hat] one."
        After cloning a new object from a hat (called the original hat):
            while the hat style of the new object is the hat style of the original hat:
                now the hat style of the new object is a random hat style.
        Rule for printing a number of hats (called the particular headwear):
            say "[listing group size in words] [hat style of the particular headwear] hats".
        Test me with "remove hat / remove hat / remove hat / i / look".