Dynamic Objects

version 8/140515 by Jesse McGrew

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  • Chapter: Change log
    Version 2 uses Dynamic Tables (by the same author) to avoid replacing the standard locale description rules, and allows cloned objects to participate in all relations.
    Version 3 works with Inform 7 version 5U92.
    Version 4 fixes a bug with relations.
    Version 5 works with Inform 7 version 6E59. It also adds the "cloning a new object from" activity and the "fix the cloned _ property" phrase to allow block-type properties to be cloned correctly. It also changes the behavior (and specification) of "preserving relations" with regard to one-to-one relations: now they are never preserved, since that would result in removing the original object from the relation.
    Version 6 works with Inform 7 version 6G60.
    Version 7 fixes another bug with relations and a bug that prevented the "new object cloned from" phrase from being used in certain contexts.
    Version 8 works with (and requires) Inform 7 version 6L02.