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version 1/080710 by Jason Catena

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    The Elements puzzle box has 64 combinations: enough to be discouraging, but still exhaustively tried by a lore-averse player. The Twilight puzzle box, by contrast, has 4096 combinations per arrangement, far more than anyone sane should sit and try by hand. It gets this many combinations by specifying a switched on/off device state for each side.

    The definitions of [bold type]arranged[roman type] for each box set the combinations, so you can easily change the combination. You can also make the puzzle box significantly easier by not specifying the state of certain sides. So the Elements box can have as few as 6 possible combinations to try, and the Twilight box as few as 12, if you only specify the state of one side.

    You can also make the puzzle box more dastardly by requiring the player pass through multiple arrangements before reaching the unlocking arrangement. The Twilight box actually has from 24 to 8192 combinations, since it gets primed by one arrangement, and then repeatedly locked and unlocked by a second, different arrangement after the priming arrangement happens once.