Metagame and Fixes

version 1/080708 by Jason Catena

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  • Section - Hints

    A room has some text called hint. A thing has some text called hint.

    Hinting is an action out of world, applying to one thing. Understand "hint [something seen]" as hinting. Understand "hint [any visited room]" as hinting.

    Report hinting somewhere (called place) (this is the report place hint rule):
    if hint of place is "" begin;
    say "Maybe [the place] has nothing clever about it? Good luck with it.";
    say "[hint of place][paragraph break]";
    end if.

    Report hinting something (called item) (this is the report item hint rule):
    [where to go]
    if destination of the item is not nothing and location is not destination of the item begin;
    if destination of the item is visited begin;
    say "Check out [destination of the item].";
    say "Keep wandering, to find where [the item] belongs.";
    end if;
    end if;
    [what to do]
    if hint of item is "" begin;
    say "Maybe [the item] is nothing special? Good luck, in any event.";
    say "[hint of item][paragraph break]";
    end if.