Metagame and Fixes

version 1/080708 by Jason Catena

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  • Example: * Stalling the Steward - Present out-of-world information and perform in-game actions.

        "Stalling the Steward"

        Include Metagame and Fixes by Jason Catena.

        Stall is a room.

        A container called ceramic toilet is in stall.

        toilet paper is in stall. The hint is "[if toilet paper is in the ceramic toilet]Now flush.[otherwise]Guess where this goes?[end if]". The destination is stall. The credit is "Charming is the squeeziest!" The sidenote is "Visible in restroom."

        A room called Restroom is outside of stall.

        Steward is a person in Restroom.

        A persuasion rule for asking Steward to try doing something: persuasion succeeds.

        Test me with "recall/x paper/recall/hint paper/credit paper/sidenote paper/out/hint paper/in/get paper/recall/put paper in ceramic toilet/l/recall/hint paper/out/steward, in/in/steward, get paper/recall/steward, out/out/steward, teleport with paper/l/in/steward, out/out/steward, travel with paper/l/in/recall/steward, put paper in ceramic toilet/recall".