Metagame and Fixes

version 1/080708 by Jason Catena

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    For Glulx, fix italics.

    A text-presentation nicety: in square brackets, recognize /p and /l as kinds of paragraph and line breaks. They're actually not completely interchangeable with paragraph break and line break, so you may want to play with them a bit.

    For beta-testers, any leading punctuation (>?TOO CONFUSING) is rejected as a comment in the transcript. If you use this feature you should change the printed message to contain your own email address.

    RECALL lists things seen in rooms visited, so a player can more easily remember what went where. Especially useful with stores, large maps, or limited player inventory.

    Three new properties help players work with the game: a destination (room) for each thing; and a hint (some text) and a credit (some text), for each seen thing and visited room. A few new actions work with these.

    TELEPORT WITH ... (or ZIP BY ...) takes you immediately to the destination of a thing, even if you have not been there. This is a game breaker, so is set "not for release". TRAVEL WITH ... (or GUIDE BY ...) takes you one step towards a thing's destination, to provide a literal step in the right direction for stuck or lost players.

    HINT ... displays the hint property, and notes whether you are at, have visited, or have not found where the thing belongs. The hint itself should be coded so that it detects whether the thing has been used, and displays something like "You solved it." if you're done with the thing.

    CREDIT ..., for one specific thing, and CREDITS, for everything seen so far, lets you shout out to your sources.

    SIDENOTE ..., for one specific thing, and SIDENOTES, for everything seen so far, lets you provide extra, development, or out-of-game information on something.