version 1 by George Tryfonas

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  • Example: ** Chatter - Calling a somebody on the phone to make idle chit chat.

    Making a connection works simply by bringing the other party into scope, so to talk to it we may choose any strategy we like: use the built in actions and rules (which won't achive much); use one of the available extensions; roll our own. Here we chose to use a simplified version of what was done in the "Four Cheeses" example.


        Include Telephones by George Tryfonas.

        Section 1 - The Scenery

        The Office is a room. "The office is rather spartan. A couple of filing cabinets lean on the back wall. On the desk is a telephone." The office phone is a telephone which is scenery in the Office. The description of the office phone is "The office phone sits on your desk. A long cord connects it to the phone plug on the back wall." The player carries a telephone called the cellphone. The description of the cellphone is "Your trusty cellphone. It's a vintage model." The cabinet is scenery in the office. The description of the cabinet is "All the experimental results about the company's major projects are stacked in these dusty cabinets." The desk is scenery in the Office. The description of the desk is "You bring to your mind the endless hours spent behind this desk and can't help feeling sorry for yourself."

        Understand "cabinets" or "filing cabinet/cabinets" as the cabinet. Understand "desk phone" as the office phone.

        The Common Room is east of the Office. "The Common Room is where the company's employees gather together for their tea break. There are two rows of benches in the middle of the room. A wall mounted television is now showing the Tottenham - Chelsea derby." The television is scenery in the Common Room. The description of the television is "Go Spurs!"

        Understand "tv" as the television.

        The player carries a piece of paper. The description of the paper is "On the piece of paper, in your handwriting, is written: 'John: 1234'".

        Section 2 - The People

        John is a man. The red phone is a telephone. The calling number of the red phone is 1234. The owner of the red phone is John.

        Section 3 - Carrying out Conversations

        Before telling John about something:
            try asking the noun about it instead.

        Before answering John that something:
            say "Best to confine your conversation to questions and answers." instead.

        Before asking John about something:
            if the topic understood is a topic listed in the Table of Conversation, say "[reply entry][paragraph break]" instead;
            otherwise say "[The noun] does not reply." instead.

        Table of Conversation
      topic  reply  
      "Chelsea/Tottenham/Hotspur/Spur/Spurs/derby/football/soccer/match"  "'Chelsea will definitely win this one,' John snaps. 'At least, I certainly hope so.'"  
      "work/company"  "This is a touchy subject. 'I hate that job,' says John. 'I work days for that project and nothing comes out of it.'"  
      "project"  "'If you ask me,' John says, 'I think that producing dehydrated water is plain silly. But, hey! Rawlins thinks it's feasible, and that fool of a supervisor, Hamilton, is ever so eager to agree. So who am I to say no?'"  
      "supervisor/Hamilton"  "'I've never seen anyone kiss up so willingly in my life.'"  
      "boss/Rawlins"  "'He's a nut. Dehydrated water! Hah!'"  

        Table of Misdialled Numbers (continued)
      number  retort  
      1471  "The number that last called you is not available."  
      999  "In this country, making prank calls to the police is frowned upon."  

        Test looking with "x office phone / x cellphone / x desk / x cabinet / i / x paper".
        Test landdial with "call 1234 using the office phone / ask john about work / ask john about project / ask john about boss / hang up".
        Test celldial with "e / x tv / call 1234 on the cellphone / ask john about chelsea / w / ask john about company / ask john about project / ask john about hamilton / ask john about rawlins / hang up".
        Test me with "test looking / test landdial / test celldial".