Extended Timers

version 3 by Gavin Lambert

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  • Example: * Descriptive Egg Timing - The chicken shaped egg timer from the manual gets a makeover.
    Include Extended Timers by Gavin Lambert.
        The Chamber is a room. "A fairly boring waiting room."
        An egg-timer is in the Chamber. "Resting here is a plastic egg timer in the shape of a chicken, which can be pressed to set it going."
        Understand "timer" or "egg timer" as the egg-timer.
        The description is "It is [if egg-timer clucks are scheduled]ticking merrily away. It looks like it has [the time until the egg-timer clucks as a duration] to go.[otherwise]silent."
        Instead of pushing the egg-timer:
         The egg-timer clucks in four turns from now;
         say "It begins to mark time. It looks like it'll be done in [the time until the egg-timer clucks as a duration]."
        At the time when the egg-timer clucks: say "'Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!' says the egg-timer."
        test me with "x timer / push timer / x timer / g / g / g / g".