GNU General Public License v3

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  • Chapter 5 - Additional Materials Should Be Added!

    To display author's instructions for COPYING file:
        say "For full compliance, users should consider including the standard COPYING file as part of
    the release materials. The sanctioned copy of this file can be found at:";
        say "[paragraph break]";
        say "";
        say "[paragraph break]";
        say "The individual creating this Inform 7 extension couldn't figure out how to make an included
        file part of an extension, so you will need to download it separately and include it in your
        work as described in Chapter 21 of 'Writing with Inform' (at least, it was Chapter 21 in the
        version included with Inform 7 5Z71).";
        say "[paragraph break]";
        say "If you can figure out how to automate these extra steps and include them in this extension,
        please feel free to update this extension and re-release it! As a temporary measure, the
        contents of that file are presented in the final chapter of the GNU General Public License v3
        extension as a comment."