GNU General Public License v3

version 2/101023 by Free Software Foundation

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    version 2

    This extension is relatively simple, from a programming perspective. It does just five things:

        1) create a "warranty" command that displays a warranty in-game

        2) create a "license" command that displays a license in-game

        3) displays the recommended copyright announcement at the start of gameplay

        4) requires that the source text of the game be released

        5) provides some reminders to the author to ensure full compliance with the GPL

    It's a little more complicated from a legal perspective...

    This extension is created with the intent of letting you release your own original work under the GNU General Public License. By doing so, you are giving other users complete freedom to extend, alter, edit, or otherwise modify the story file.

    Use of this extension is not intended to in any way affect the rights of other authors who helped make your work possible. The creator-of-this-extension's understanding is that only 'downstream' modifications of a GPLed work are bound to adhere to the terms and conditions. Thus:

        a) any work including this extension, and any works derived from that work (i.e. derived from your story file that includes this extension), are freed for general use per the terms of the GPL, while

        b) rights associated with other 'upstream' works -- like other included extensions, the Inform 7 IDE, or any underlying compilers or executables -- remain unaffected.

    As such, it's important that any associated works be released under a license that allows them to be copied and further distributed. For Inform 7 story files, I believe the necessary safeguards for downstream materials are already in place through the use of the Creative Commons Attribution license and the credits-generating routines built into Inform 7.

    Note that the terms of the GPL require that source code be available to others. As such, you should not use this extension if you do not want to release your source code.

    To use this extension, add this line to your work:

        Include GNU General Public License Version 3 by Free Software Foundation.

    To test its function in a non-release game, type:

        test GPL

    For an overview of the GNU General Public License, see: