Second Gender

version 1 by Felix Larsson

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  • Chapter - Changes in Standard Rules
    Section - (in place of Section SR1/11 - People in Standard Rules by Graham Nelson)

    The specification of person is "Despite the name, not necessarily a human being, but anything animate enough to envisage having a conversation with, or bartering with."

    [We don't want male and female to be exclusive options, and we want all genders to be avialable for inanimate objects as well.
    (For some reason Inform protests unless we put these changes inside a section replacement.)]
    A thing can be female. A thing is usually not female.
    A thing can be male. A thing is usually not male.
    A thing can be neuter. A thing is usually neuter.
    The male property translates into I6 as "male".
    [End of changes.]

    A person has a number called carrying capacity.
    The carrying capacity of a person is usually 100.

    Include (-
    has transparent animate
    with before NULL,
    -) when defining a person.

    The yourself is an undescribed person. The yourself is proper-named.

    The description of yourself is usually "As good-looking as ever."

    The yourself object translates into I6 as "selfobj".
    Include (-
    with saved_short_name "yourself",
    -) when defining yourself.