Undo Output Control

version 3/110717 by Erik Temple

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  • Example: * Mynah Undo - Presents report rules that reproduce Inform's default output.

        "Mynah Undo"
        Include Undo Output Control by Erik Temple.
        Laboratory is a room. The pen, the vial, the bunsen burner, the beaker, the banana, and the viol are in Laboratory.
        Report undoing an action:
            say "[bold type]";
            say "[Location]" in upper case;
            say "[roman type]";
            say "[line break]";
            say "[bracket]Previous turn undone.[close bracket][line break]";
            rule succeeds.
        Report prevented undo:
            say "The use of UNDO is forbidden in this game.";
            rule succeeds.
        Report nothing to be undone failure:
            say "[bracket]You can't [quotation mark]undo[quotation mark] what hasn't been done![close bracket][line break]";
            rule succeeds.
        Section (for Glulx only)
        Report interpreter undo failure:
            say "[bracket]You cannot [quotation mark]undo[quotation mark] any further.[close bracket][line break]";
            rule succeeds.
        Section (for Z-machine only)
        Report interpreter undo failure:
            say "[quotation mark]Undo[quotation mark] failed. [bracket]Not all interpreters provide it.[close bracket][line break]";
            rule succeeds.