Text Window Input-Output Control

version 2 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Printing the command prompt

    [Here we rewrite the basic command prompt routine as an I7 activity. We can customize this as we see fit, or we can use it as a hook for other behavior.]

    Printing the command prompt is an activity.

    Rule for printing the command prompt (this is the standard prompt printing rule):
        set focus to the current text input window;
        ensure break before prompt;
        say "[roman type][command prompt][run paragraph on]";
        set focus to current text output window;
        clear boxed quotation;
        clear paragraphing.
    To ensure break before prompt:
        (- EnsureBreakBeforePrompt(); -)
    To clear boxed quotation:
        (- ClearBoxedText(); -)
    To clear paragraphing:
        (- ClearParagraphing(); -)