Text Window Input-Output Control

version 2 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Notes on pasting commands from mouse input

    Emily Short's Glulx Entry Points extension provides rules that allow for commands to be pasted to the game's command line in response to the player's clicking on a hyperlink or a defined portion of a graphics window. Text Window Input-Output Control reroutes this pasting to the current text input window, whatever that is defined to be.

    The extension also provides some control over the state of paragraphing across the sometimes troublesome switch between windows. This control comes via the "command-pasting terminator," a global text variable that we can set to whatever we need to make things look good. By default, there is no terminator (the value is ""). But if, for example, we are clearing the input window after each input, we will want to set the command-pasting terminator equal to "[run paragraph on]", or we will get an extra line break in the output window after each pasted command.