Text Window Input-Output Control

version 2 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: A caveat

    Inform's complex paragraph printing and line breaking algorithms (see http://inform7.com/sources/src/i6template/Woven/B-print.pdf ) were not designed with multiple windows in mind, and not everything works perfectly when we use them. Most notably, switching output streams can cause line break issues, as Inform's paragraphing functions are not aware of the change in window streams. In writing this extension, I have tried to provide as little as possible in the way of customized spacing behavior, since I expect the extension will have many potential uses. In most cases customizing display issues won't be too onerous a task (not any more onerous than dealing with line-spacing in general, anyway), but be prepared to need to customize a few things. The examples, particularly "On the Edge", give some idea of the kinds of tweaks that may be necessary.